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    How to cure yourself from major depression

  • Overview

    Here you will find the following information on Major Depression:


    The possibility of full recovery

    It's possible to fully recover from Major Depression, to get out of that dark hole and not fall in again in the future. I've done it myself, so you hold that possibility too.


    A different understanding

    Based on my personal experience, I've developed a general theory of the fundamental nature of depression that explains why it happens and how it happens.


    An alternative method for recovery

    I freely share with you a generalised form of the steps that led to my own quick recovery. You can personalise the method to fit your own circumstances.

  • The problem

    Understanding depression

    Symptoms of Major Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)


    Common symptoms of Major Depression

    • Complete lack of energy.
    • Inability to feel happiness or even unhappiness (feel like a robot instead of a human).
    • Extreme changes in sleeping or eating habits (either sleep all day or hardly sleep, either eat much more than normal or barely eat).
    • Lack of motivation to do anything at all (even getting out of bed or going to bed is a big struggle!).
    • Resting or sleeping does not recharge your energy levels.
    • Doing the things that you used to enjoy gives no pleasure.
    • Start questioning the meaning or purpose of life.
    • Thoughts of committing suicide.
    My non-conventional understanding of depression


    My non-conventional understanding

    Every person is born with certain preferences (likes and dislikes) and capabilities.


    When there is a mismatch between YOU and your activities / environment, there is some “friction” within you that you experience as unhappiness.


    However, it is often hard to identify the reason for that unhappiness.


    In many cases, everything in your life may seem to be fine e.g. successful career, relationships, family.


    If you’re in this state but you can still function in daily life, that’s commonly called being depressed.


    If enough “friction” builds up beyond a certain point, you will experience a breakdown where you cannot function in daily life anymore. This is called Major Depression.

  • The solution

    Curing yourself of depression


    Here I would like to focus on the people suffering from Major Depression and can no longer function in daily life.


    Since the problem is a mismatch between YOU and your ACTIVITIES/ENVIRONMENT, the cure is to solve that mismatch. You can either change yourself OR change your activities/environment.


    Most treatments that will be recommended to you involve changing yourself. Examples include using psychology (Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy), spirituality (meditation, prayer), or drugs.


    Changing yourself (without drugs) is great (in terms of personal development) and has worked for some but it is incredibly difficult and takes a long time.


    Think of this analogy: Why worry about cancer when you have some serious bleeding? Your first priority should be to stabilise the situation and return to a “normal” condition.


    However, there is an alternative which is easier and faster: change your ACTIVITIES / ENVIRONMENT to better fit who YOU are.

    Step-by-step guide

    Step 1

    Resolve the existential and philosophical questions that you surely have.


    Step 2

    Get to know yourself better in terms of your likes / dislikes and capabilities.


    Step 3

    Decide WHAT changes should be made to your activities / environment and HOW to make those changes.


    Once you make the decisions, you should have hope again and colour will begin to return to your life even if you haven’t actually made any changes.


    Step 4

    This step is all about recovering your energy and motivation.


    Immerse yourself in the things that you enjoy doing and are good at. Could be hobbies, could even be some form of work.


    Although you were unable to feel pleasure or happiness from these things previously, after making those crucial decisions in Step 3 you should be able to enjoy them again.


    Stick with this step until you feel you have sufficiently recovered your energy and returned to a somewhat normal state before moving on to the next step.


    At this stage if you return to your previous life there is the risk of a relapse. Watch out for the warning signs of a relapse and don’t push yourself too hard.


    Step 5

    Make the changes in your life that you decided in Step 3.


    Once you complete this step there should be no more risk of relapsing.


  • Get in touch

    If you succeed in curing yourself of depression by implementing my method on your own (or you used a different method and it worked), I'm very happy for you and would love to hear about your experience.


    Please also get in touch if you have any questions.


    Email me at:



    Or use the contact form below:

  • About

    Man on a mission

    I was diagnosed with major depression when I was 25 years old but I cured myself without any help from trained professionals.


    A few months after getting back to "normal", I almost had a relapse but managed to notice the warning signs and prevented the relapse from happening.


    Now I have advanced beyond my previous "normal" state, and am happier than I have ever been.


    My reflections on this experience gave me an unconventional understanding of depression and a method that others can use to cure themselves too.


    Through this website I want to help:

    • spread the message that depression can be cured
    • guide people suffering from depression to cure themselves
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